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Published By: Qualys     Published Date: May 07, 2014
Learn the 8 best practices for selecting a Vulnerability Management solution and see how you can select the right solution for your organizations needs.
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qualys, vulnerability management, vm solution, security solutions, vm choices, it management, enterprise applications
Published By: CDW     Published Date: Sep 17, 2014
We now live in a flash centric world where all active data must be on flash. This doesnt mean, however, that all data must be on flash. The best approach is to understand your application mix and workload requirements. Some key apps, like databases, are latency intolerant and should be pinned to flash. Others apps can benefit from fully-automated storage tiering. EMCs market leading VMAX and VNX systems are flexible choices that can deliver all-flash and hybrid services. CDW and EMC has you covered!
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data, market, flash, systems, key apps, centric, application, tiering
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