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Published By: CA Technologies EMEA     Published Date: Aug 24, 2017
Las cuentas de usuario con privilegios, ya se usurpen, sean objeto de abuso o, simplemente, se usen de forma incorrecta, se encuentran en el corazn de la mayora de las infracciones relativas a datos. Los equipos de seguridad evalan, cada vez ms, soluciones de gestin de accesos con privilegios (PAM) completas para evitar el perjuicio que podra provocar un usuario malintencionado con privilegios altos o un usuario con privilegios que est cansado, estresado o que, sencillamente, comete un error. La presin que ejercen los ejecutivos y los equipos de auditora para reducir la exposicin de la empresa aseguran el esfuerzo, pero las soluciones de PAM completas pueden acarrear costes ocultos, segn la estrategia de implementacin adoptada.
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almacen de contrasenas, monitorizacion de contrasenas, entornos hibridos
CA Technologies EMEA
Published By: DocuSign UK     Published Date: Nov 16, 2017
"Industry experts predict that successful businesses will soon become 100% digital for all transactions. The key challenge is how to go digital in the right ways. For most companies, it will be an incremental journey. notes that CIOs and business-minded technology leaders are moving beyond being supportive functions and into being an integrated part of overall business strategy and operations. IT is delivering added value, enhanced business performance, and greater security. This best practices paper outlines eight important ways that IT teams can make meaningful progress in their digital transformations."
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digital, practices, professional, technology, esignature, docusign
DocuSign UK
Published By: Forrester Research     Published Date: Jun 11, 2018
Theres an alarming digital divide within many companies. Marketers are developing nimble software to give customers an engaging, personalized experience, while IT departments remain focused on the legacy infrastructure. The front and back ends arent working together, resulting in appealing websites and apps that dont quite deliver. Weve arrived at this misalignment for understandable reasons. Previously, most chief information officers (CIOs) were hired to digitize and bring order to companies internal systems and processes. They saw websites as marketing channels and were happy to let chief marketing officers (CMOs) oversee that province of technology. They had, and still have, plenty to do just to keep internal operations running smoothly. Marketers soon got into the habit of developing not just content, but also software programs to better reach and transact with customers. But now that websites and apps are becoming cornerstones of the business, the stakes are too high to al
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cio, marketers, business, digital, customers
Forrester Research
Published By: Workday APAC     Published Date: May 08, 2019
"Technology today is shaking up the way we work. To help IT leaders navigate the best path forward, we created a digital magazine called CIO Perspectives. Read it for insights and guidance from leaders and visionaries on how to break free from day-to-day tasks and gain a greater perspective. Check it out now."
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Workday APAC
Published By: Stratoscale     Published Date: Feb 01, 2019
This eBook offers a practical hands-on guide to Day Two challenges of accelerating large-scale PostgreSQL deployments. With the ongoing shift towards open-source database solutions, its no surprise that PostgreSQL is the fastest growing database. While its tempting to simply compare the licensing costs of proprietary systems against that of open source, it is both a misleading and incorrect approach when evaluating the potential for return on investment of a database technology migration. After a PostgreSQL deployment is live, there are a variety of day-two scenarios that require planning and strategizing. The third section of this eBook provides a detailed analysis of all aspects accelerating large-scale PostgreSQL deployments: ? Backups and Availability: strategies, point-in-time recovery, availability and scalability ? Upgrades and DevOps: PostgreSQL upgrade process, application upgrades and CI/CD
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Published By: ServiceNow     Published Date: Mar 27, 2014
This paper provides CIOs and IT leaders with an insight into three IT imperatives that IT executives used to re-position IT and transform the enterprise.
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enterprise transformation, consolidation, self service, automation, visibility, it innovation, enterprise applications, productivity, project management, service management
Published By: Here Technologies     Published Date: Apr 02, 2019
In this report, VSI applies HEREs HD map data to a lane keeping application and examines performance of lane keeping with a map-based approach compared to a camera and computer vision-based approach. VSI tested the lane keeping system with and without map data on a local road in 3 scenarios: Lane lines expanding into a turn or exit lane An intersection without lane lines A widening in the lane The results show that in all scenarios, the computer-vision-only lane keeping systems got confused and made errors in a vehicles trajectory when lane markings were out of the ordinary or invisible. Faced with the same road conditions, the map-based lane keeping system stayed within the desired trajectory outperforming the compute- vision-only systems. This report proves that using a lane model from an HD map can solve common issues involved in computer-vision-only lane keeping.
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over the air technologies, location data, auto, mapping
Here Technologies
Published By: F5     Published Date: May 12, 2016
This white paper examines what CIOs have to consider when embarking on their hybrid cloud journey.
Tags : 
hybrid cloud, cloud, cloud computing, public cloud, hybrid, virtualization, infrastructure
Published By: F5     Published Date: May 12, 2016
App Protection is fraught with complexity and with the growth of IoT and the applications that go along with it, the issues are only growing. By enhancing existing security portfolios with solutions and services focused on the application level, organizations can better protect the applications that can expose their sensitive data.
Tags : 
application protection, app protection, security, cloud, cloud computing, public cloud, security application, application security, virtualization, infrastructure
Published By: Panaya     Published Date: May 31, 2018
You can succeed in your digital transfomation and deliver applications and services faster, better, and safely. How? With Enterprise Agile Delivery. Enterprise Agile Delivery brings a wealth of benefits to organizations and can be adopted by any Agile hybrid framework: SAFe, LESS, Nexus as well as Agile/lean frameworks like Scrum and Kanban. Yet to achieve Eneterprise Agile Delivery, enterprises need an easy to use modern ALM tool for quick and successful onboarding. Download this white paper to understand how the right solution will help you: Strategiaclly align feature releases and backlogs with your overall business strategy Identify and prioritize dev and test activities with visibility into project waves and portfolios Make data-based decisons for safe releases with real-time insights and multidimensional views into delivery risks Sync business, dev, QA and release teams around shared objectives with automated coordination and communication
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Published By: Microsoft     Published Date: Mar 31, 2017
Visual Studio 2015 hilft Ihnen dabei, groartige Ideen in groartige Geschftsanwendungen zu verwandeln. Mit unserer flexiblen Cloudplattform und den fr Unternehmen konzipierten DevOps-Tools knnen Sie nun noch einfacher skalierbare, hochmoderne Geschftsanwendungen fr jede beliebige Plattform (Web, mobile Gerte, Cloud oder lokal) entwickeln. Erstellen Sie mit der leistungsstarken Entwicklungsumgebung von Visual Studio beeindruckende Apps fr Windows, Android, iOS und das Web. Arbeiten Sie ber die Cloud zusammen mit Versionskontrolle, Agilitt, Continuous Delivery und App-Analysen sowie mit jeder beliebigen Programmiersprache und fr jede beliebige Plattform.
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mobile applications, mobile apps, ios, .net, devops, android
Published By: Infor     Published Date: Mar 07, 2017
En 2015, la mayora de los fabricantes obtuvieron unos modestos niveles de rentabilidad debido a los bajos precios de los productos bsicos y a la inflacin salarial. Este entorno dio lugar a que se empezara a considerar el rol que las nuevas tecnologas disruptivas podran tener en las empresas manufactureras y posibles estrategias de inversin.
Tags : 
software, manufacturing software
Published By: Infor     Published Date: Mar 07, 2017
Como responsable de ventas y operaciones, usted tiene importantes responsabilidades, tales como establecer prioridades, planificar e implementar estrategias de la cadena de suministro, impulsar mejoras y, al mismo tiempo, adaptarse rpidamente a los requisitos cambiantes del mercado y de los clientes, y ajustar esos cambios en la demanda y en la oferta, y todo sin olvidar los resultados financieros.
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Published By: Zscaler     Published Date: May 15, 2019
Cloud sandboxing protection is as essential to security as keys are to encryption. Preventing CIOs and CISOs from having to make excuses when it comes to APTs, zero-days, and ransomware.
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Published By: Trend Micro, Inc.     Published Date: Jul 19, 2011
The Consumerisation of Enterprise Mobility: A Formidable Challenge for CIOs, but a great opportunity. Download the Trend Micro Enterprise Security Whitepaper: The Consumerisation of Enterprise Mobility to learn the secrets to data protection on mobile devices.
Tags : 
trend micro, internet content security, smart protection network, internet security, enterprise business security, worry-free business security, web threat management, australia, cloud, android mobile security, antivirus, consumerisation of it, enterprise mobile management, enterprise mobile security, enterprise network security, mobile device management, ipad mobile device, ipad, iphone, it strategy
Trend Micro, Inc.
Published By: Cloud Direct     Published Date: Jan 17, 2018
Azure Site Recovery replicates your on-premises physical servers and virtual machines to Azure. If an outage occurs in your primary location, you failover to the DRaaS platform within minutes and your applications and workloads will be available. When normal operations resume, you can failback to your primary location. For added reassurance, Cloud Direct is a Microsoft Gold Partner. This means in addition to our own 24/7 support, we also benefit from direct access to Microsoft support for a range of hosting scenarios including SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint.
Tags : 
business, cloud solutions, data centre, smb, systems, technical
Cloud Direct
Published By: Oracle     Published Date: Mar 01, 2019
The transition to autonomous is all around. Its capability for problem-solving has never been seen before. Its potential for creating business value from algorithms and data makes it the next big frontier for business leaders. Two industry experts have discussed Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and what it can help organisations achieve. Talking about innovation,security and efficiency, they put the case for an autonomous future. Watch the webinar.
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Published By: KPMG     Published Date: Jul 18, 2018
The 2018 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey the largest IT leadership survey in the world shows how CIOs are benefiting from bigger budgets and headcount growth, following years of focus on cutting costs. Read this report to find out: whats driving the growth in IT budgets why CIOS must adapt the way they control technology in the business where CIOs are focusing digital strategies to gain competitive advantage what new technologies organisations are prioritising for investment how smart CIO are managing their resources to get the skills they need. Download the report now:
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Published By: Entrust Datacard     Published Date: Jun 09, 2017
The rapid adoption of Office 365 means that work created using the Microsoft product contains a large amount of the business worlds sensitive information. In fact, in most enterprises using Office 365, more than half of that highly valuable information including business plans, sales data, product designs, M&A details and financial forecasts is contained within Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and other Microsoft software. Securing the information created with its products has emerged as a primary concern for CSOs, CIOs, IT departments and other C-level executives.
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Entrust Datacard
Published By: SAS     Published Date: Apr 10, 2019
El cmputo en la nube es una tendencia importante que ofrece ventajas en flexibilidad, escalabilidad y agilidad. Aun as, ha habido un gran despliegue publicitario. La realidad es que, hasta hace poco, la nube ha tardado en despegar para desplegar soluciones de inteligencia empresarial y analtica. Las organizaciones estn preocupadas por la seguridad, el rendimiento, la funcionalidad y otros problemas crticos. TDWI Research est experimentando un cambio significativo a medida que las organizaciones muestran voluntad de experimentar con la nube. Este informe expone las experiencias de las organizaciones con la inteligencia de negocios, la analtica y la nube, as como lo que debe tomarse en cuenta respecto a este tipo de plataformas.
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Published By: Fortinet, Inc.     Published Date: Jul 27, 2011
This white paper describes common DoS techniques, explains the technology integrated into every FortiGate consolidated security platform that helps in blocking DoS attacks, and offers suggestions on how to prevent an organization's network from being used to attack another organization.
Tags : 
fortinet, fortigate dos protection, malicious traffic, denial of service, ddos protection, network security, fortios, attacks, ddos, network security appliance, security management, vulnerability management
Fortinet, Inc.
Published By: hybris software     Published Date: Aug 01, 2012
Industry leaders are engaging in multichannel integration for some very good reasons. More effective cross-channel strategies lead to more satisfied consumers as well as more efficient, more profitable retail operations. In fact, as the survey indicates, consumers expect integrated multichannel experience from their favorite brands.
Tags : 
multichannel, retailing, multichannel retailing, technology considerations, hybris, pos, point of sale, print, mobile, call center, social media, website, integrated multichannel experience, cross-channel strategies, synergy, buy online, immediacy, convenience, cost savings, aisle kiosks
hybris software
Published By: Red Hat     Published Date: Oct 23, 2014
The business case for standardizing on Red Hat infrastructure solutions Read this IDC whitepaper to discover the quantifiable business benefits that standardizing on Red Hat infrastructure has delivered organizations like yours. You'll learn how customers using Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat's system management product, Red Hat Satellite: Quickly recover up-front subscription costs. Experience higher ratios of servers and users per administrator. Significantly reduce annual downtime.
Tags : 
quantifiable benefits, infrastructure, management product, higher ratios, reduce annual downtime, networking, it management, enterprise applications
Red Hat
Published By: Red Hat     Published Date: Dec 15, 2015
New Gartner research predicts that 75% of IT organizations will have a bimodal capability by 2017. Bimodal is a critical capability that combines the solid conventional capabilities of IT alongside a capability to respond to the level of uncertainty and the need for agility required for a digital transformation. According to Gartner, half of IT organizations that have a bimodal capability will make a mess. Learn more about Gartner's predictions for common mistakes that CIOs will make and how to avoid them.
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Red Hat
Published By: Delphix     Published Date: Jun 27, 2014
Data is increasingly critical to driving business. This IDC Whitepaper outlines how CIOs can understand what the "total cost of data" is across their entire organization and how Delphix can assist them in managing the data that drives the business forward.
Tags : 
idc, report, business gains, idc, cios, total cost of data, organization, manage data, networking, it management, data management
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