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The Business Case for Humor in B-to-B: Serious Research on Comical Advertising

White Paper Published By: gyro
Published:  Feb 01, 2019
Type:  White Paper
Length:  14 pages

When we first partnered with Research Now SSI to investigate the power of humor in business-to-business advertising, we had several questions.
- Why do so few B-to-B brands embrace humorous advertising?
- Is humor an effective tool for B-to-B marketing?
- What types of objectives can humor help brands achieve?

Our pioneering, three-phase investigation sought to answer these questions and more through qualitive and quantitative research, as well as live, in-market testing. What we discovered was incredible. Humor not only catches (and holds) an audience's attention, but it also raises brand awareness, boosts favorable brand associations and even helps drive low-funnel actions, including purchase consideration.

B-to-B brands have avoided using humor in advertising for too long. Our research shows that embracing this underused tactic can help differentiate brands from the “blah-to-blah” landscape and spark connections with customers that lead to serious success.

Key findings are noted below:
- 91% of business decision-makers believe humor can attract attention, and 86% believe it can reinforce brand recognition.
- A humorous ad can spur a 77% lift in brand likability.
- After live-market exposure to a humorous ad, prospects were more than four times as likely to search for the brand online.

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