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Tell Your Story! With Killer Reports and Dashboards

Webinar Published By: IBM
Published:  Jun 04, 2018
Type:  Webinar

The appearance of your reports and dashboards – the actual visual appearance of your data analysis -- is important.  An ugly or confusing report may be dismissed, even though it contains valuable insights about your data.  Cognos Analytics has a long track record of high quality analytic insight, and now, we added a lot of new capabilities designed to help even novice users quickly and easily produce great-looking and consumable reports you can trust. 

Watch this webinar to learn:

• How you can more effectively communicate with data.
• What constitutes an intuitive and highly navigable report 
• How take advantage of some of the new capabilities in Cognos Analytics to create reports that are more compelling and understandable in less time.
• Some of the new and exciting capabilities coming to Cognos Analytics in 2018 (hint: more intelligent capabilities with enhancements to Natural Language Processing, data discovery and Machine Learning).

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