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Infonetics-Data Center Security Strategies and Vendor Leadership

White Paper Published By: Cisco
Published:  Sep 08, 2016
Type:  White Paper

The battle for data center security domination is raging in 2015, particularly at the high end of the appliance market. 2014 brought major market share changes, and many buyers are evaluating vendors old and new based on the following criteria:

  • Vendors have the interfaces and performance (connection and throughput) buyers require today; buyers will jump ship in 2015 if they believe security infrastructure will hamstring their high performance data center25G ports in particular will quickly be a key offering for the data center looking at 2016 and beyond
  • Performance increases dont come at the expense of security efficacy and management/policy tools; accessing real-time threat data tops the list of new investment drivers
  • Solutions are cost competitive today and offer an attractive upgrade path, including the ability to increase performance via software and/or hardware upgrades and add new protection mechanisms
  • Vendors have a compelling roadmap for virtualization and SDN with concrete plans for products in mid/late 2015 and have something available today to show as a proof of concept with a variety of hypervisor and SDN controller platforms