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Think you know how to run a local incentive? Think again

White Paper Published By: BI WORLDWIDE
Published:  Mar 07, 2016
Type:  White Paper
Length:  3 pages

Designing an incentive contest can be easy almost anyone can do it. Set some goals, offer some awards, then sit back and watch everyone work like crazy to achieve their objectives. Right?

This type of thinking brings to mind a common Im an incentives expert story: A talented and energetic sales manager thought he had put together the perfect contest the top quarterly sales person earns a one week trip to Paris. Awesome, right? Halfway through the contest, he noticed overall results were well below expectations so he reached out to his top sales rep (who was also behind previous sales benchmarks) and heard, I have three kids. I cant take a week-long trip to Europe during the school year not interested. Other high-performing reps were also disengaged due to unrealistic goals, lack of understanding their progress compared to others and a general sense of apathy. They all assumed the top rep would be winning the trip so didnt think it was worth bothering. At the conclusion of his failed contest, he ended up rewarding a below-average performer with an incredible trip to France. Meanwhile, quarterly sales were in the tank and the majority of his salesforce was disengaged.

This waste of time, money and resources could have been prevented if the sales manager had used five best practices for running incentives at the local level. Read this white paper to find out more.

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