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Case Study - Baylor College of Medicine: Taking Research and Discovery to the Cloud

White Paper Published By: NetApp
Published:  May 29, 2015
Type:  White Paper

The Challenge

To conduct even more groundbreaking research and publish results faster, Baylor College must enable its faculty and students to concentrate on their research without distractions. However, procuring IT infrastructure for research projects is an expensive and lengthy task.

Where does Baylor College turn?

The Resolve

To the cloud specifically, private discovery cloud infrastructure.

Private discovery cloud-based IT infrastructure has enabled researchers to facilitate more studies, swiftly launch new experiments, quickly publish those results, and present the opportunity for students to attain more knowledge while attending Baylor College. As a result, the institution saw a major turnaround in the following areas:

  • An accelerated grant funding cycle with service catalogs for fast, accurate costing
  • A position as a college that is highly advanced in technology, allowing them to attract and retain the best research faculty
  • The capability for researchers to focus strictly on health sciences, not the procuring and managing of physical IT equipment
  • A savings of $1.5 million in hardware costs and IT staff, allowing more funding to be available for research

Download this case study to discover how a private discovery cloud infrastructure enables students and faculty to focus solely on medical research with its on-demand, self-service capabilities. Find out how it is changing the way content is shared and stored within an organization.

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