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Mobile Shopping: The Future Of Retail Has Arrived

White Paper Published By: Mobify
Published:  Jan 27, 2015
Type:  White Paper
Length:  12 pages

Focus on the needs of your readers. This can be effectively accomplished by leading with the problems your solution overcomes, rather than the actual solution itself. This might seems counterintuitive, but it really is just the opposite. By focusing on the pain points experienced by the reader and talking about the problems caused by those pains, you are establishing credibility with the reader and simultaneously filtering out unqualified customers.

In 2014, mobile shopping grew 48% year over year and that growth shows no signs of slowing down. 53% of retailers have identified mobile as a key strategic priority for 2015 and a third have already integrated their mobile, desktop and bricks-and-mortar marketing efforts.

In this white paper, youíll learn what these retail leaders already know and understand why you should join them. Youíll discover: 

  • Why Ďomnichannelí is not a buzzword, but the new retail reality
  • What the key differences are between smartphone and tablet users and what this means for your bottom line
  • Why Millennials are a market that you canít afford to ignore
  • How your mobile presence can make or break a customerís in-store experience

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