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Ways Anonymity Hurts Business and Consumers

White Paper Published By: Gigya
Published:  Jun 06, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  8 pages

Traditionally, the notion of online identity is that it must be protected and safeguarded by the individual it belongs to. As users Internet habits evolve, however, were seeing a greater shift in online sharing: consumers are posting personal photographs, life event updates, and more across their social channels.

This move towards a more connected, open social web reflects how consumers and businesses should interact in a landscape that encourages and facilities the sharing of users information in a safe, valuable way.

In this white paper, we'll go over three ways user anonymity can negatively affect ROI for businesses and lead to poor customer experiences:

  • Lost opportunities to engage customers at the first touch point
  • Wasted spend on non-targeted marketing and advertising efforts
  • Loss of online accountability among users
We'll also provide tips on how businesses can circumvent poor experiences by leveraging their customers' online identities in a responsible, mutually beneficial way. 

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