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The Rise of Data Activism

White Paper Published By: Tealium
Published:  Mar 12, 2014
Type:  White Paper
Length:  15 pages

Marketers, are you able to leverage your customer data in real-time to drive improved results?

Over the years, marketers have been able to get lots of “actionable” insights from their digital analytics and big data providers, but have been stymied in their ability to take action on the data in a timely manner to drive superior results.

“The Rise of Data Activism” is a free white paper from Tealium that talks about how digital marketers can use new audience discovery and data distribution solutions to create on-the-fly segments around their most actionable audiences, and then distribute those segments to major marketing tools in real-time to take action. Report highlights include:

  • How to drive real-time marketing optimization
  • Specific use cases for improving remarketing, customer retention, and real-time site personalization
  • What criteria to look for when shopping for a digital data distribution solution
  • How ‘data activism’ is replacing traditional ‘data analysis’

Don’t wait! Download “The Rise of Data Activism: How Digital Data Distribution Platforms (D3P) Enable Marketers to Act on Their Data” today and learn how you can start driving increased revenue and conversions for your company.

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