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Still Upgrading Servers and Apps Manually? Make Office 365 the Last Upgrade You'll Ever Perform.

Webinar Published By: Agile IT
Agile IT
Published:  Dec 03, 2013
Type:  Webinar

Its no secret that technology is advancing all the time. Devices are becoming more portable and more powerful each year. And with the changes in technology, the way we work is also changing.

Join Microsoft and Agile IT for our live 45-minute OnDemand web event and find out how Office 365 can help you lower costs, improve productivity and help you keep pace with technology.

Gone are the days when you needed a hard-wired connection to your corporate network in order to view the latest sales figures or write a report. These days you can just fire up a smartphone or tablet and securely access all the emails, spreadsheets, reports and other data you need from virtually anywhere.

There is a catch. In order to use the most up-to-date devices, you need the most up-to-date software. The applications that powered your business ten years ago were designed for the devices you used and the way you worked ten years ago.

Upgrading your entire enterprise to the latest software version used to be a time-consuming, costly and stressful experience, but even the way we keep applications up-to-date has changed, thanks to Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 brings Office Pro Plus to all the devices you use today, in harmony with the way you work today. Theres no upfront costs or capital expenditure; no stockpiling unused copies when your workforce count drops and no disparate versions when it increases. And updating to the latest version is so simple your users can do it themselves.

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