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Top 10 Enterprise Mobile E-Signature Requirements

White Paper Published By: E-SignLive by Silanis
E-SignLive by Silanis
Published:  Oct 02, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

While we tend to think about mobility largely as a consumer phenomenon, it is also changing how the workforce carries out business. With so much being done beyond traditional office walls, many insurance companies, financial service organizations and even government agencies are adopting mobile devices as productivity tools and developing enterprise apps for these devices.

Electronic signature technology is pivotal to enabling mobile transactions beyond just informational apps. Not only in terms of straight-through processing (STP), but also for full compliance, legal enforceability and record retention. With most organizations’ mobile strategies still in the early stages, this article provides a starting point to help you better understand mobile e-signatures for business. It reviews the top 10 capabilities that businesses need in order to properly equip their customer-facing workforce with mobile e-signing, including:

  • Electronic evidence
  • Offline capability
  • Tablet-optimized experience
  • Ability to accommodate paper
  • Multiple ways to capture e-signatures
  • Ability to integrate e-signatures into a native app
  • And more

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