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iPads in the Enterprise: The Key Advantage for Mobile Sales Professionals

White Paper Published By: Brainshark
Published:  Mar 22, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  5 pages

The Apple iPad is the undisputed king of tablet computing. With more than 100 million units sold to date, iPads represent 95% of all enterprise tablet activations and 94% of Fortune 500 companies are either testing or deploying iPads.

Sales reps are always looking for an advantage anything that can make them more productive and efficient, and anything that will help their sales calls more engaging. Here are some key advantages the iPad provides mobile sales professionals:

Portability of iPad is key: Reps can easily carry an iPad around, its not as heavy and cumbersome as a laptop -- they dont have to boot up!

iPads enhances reps image: Mobile sales professionals automatically look more organized and put-together if they just have to press a button and swipe a screen when presenting

iPads have vibrant displays: High quality graphics make presentations more engaging and visually appealing, and are displayed beautifully on iPads

iPads deliver a multimedia experience:  Reps can incorporate videos into their presentations with the tap of a screen. They can show product overviews that showcase research, testimonials, news clips and more

iPads can connect to the Internet on the fly: Reps can instantly access the Internet, so they can augment their presentation with real-time information with a tap of the screen.

iPads integrate seamlessly with the Cloud: Reps are constantly on the move, and need to grab information on the go. Pulling content down from the cloud in between appointments is their way of life whether they are accessing the most recently updated presentations or getting smart with a training video.

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