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Business Continuity: Easy to Use, Easy to Sell

White Paper Published By: Datto Inc.
Datto Inc.
Published:  Mar 07, 2013
Type:  White Paper
Length:  2 pages

Read how a Datto Partner, WingSwept, uses and sells intelligent business continuity.  Datto SIRIS met their extensive criteria for a robust backup and disaster recovery and IBC solution.  WingSwept is confident using Datto theyre better positioned to ensure business continuity for their clients.

Datto wants you to succeed. As the only 100% channel-focused backup, disaster recovery (BDR) and intelligent business continuity (IBC) vendor, Datto is focused on the success of our Partners. Our Partners succeed by delivering award-winning solutions to their clients that are easy to sell, easy to manage, and will eliminate downtime in the event of a natural or technical disaster.

How does Datto do it? Datto is the leading BDR and IBC vendor that delivers award-winning solutions that tackle the inevitable data challenges faced by todays businesses.  Most businesses will experience downtime, whether due to an aging server that crashes, a rogue employee, malware, or a natural disaster. The challenge to the business, and to their MSP, is how to most effectively and efficiently ensure their data is secure, backed up properly, and can be virtualized off-site all while minimizing any downtime to the business. 

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