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Escaping The Mainframe Trap

White Paper Published By: Micro Focus
Micro Focus
Published:  Aug 17, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  7 pages

Remaining constrained by the mainframe threatens to hold back a company's commercial progress. Growing business needs demand more productivity and performance from IT, while economic pressures put the focus on reducing costs. As the costs associated with maintaining and enhancing the mainframe grow, and it becomes more difficult to retain a workforce with mainframe skills, CIOs are, understandably, looking for ways to escape the mainframe trap.

This white paper explores the different strategies available to CIOs: From rewriting and replacing applications with a package, to the low-cost, low-risk approach of reusing the same, valuable applications on alternative platforms.

The white paper highlights the cost-effective steps available to address core challenges. Illustrated by real-world scenarios, it identifies the value of:     Application migration - releasing applications from mainframe constraints

  •     Rehosting mainframe development - to increase productivity by as much as 40%
  •     Rehosting mainframe testing - to improve product quality and reduce rework

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