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Intelligent Routing of Transactions

White Paper Published By: UpClick
Published:  Mar 01, 2011
Type:  White Paper
Length:  6 pages

The most popular and traditional online payment method continues to be the credit card. Consumers today use their credit cards to make purchases online and having the ability to process the transaction is critical to creating loyalty, building trust and most importantly capturing sales. When customers are attempting to make a credit card purchase online, one of the most frustrating aspects they face is being declined after having spent time and effort completing the purchase process. As the transaction is in the last step of the purchase funnel, it is important to be able to process the order and secure the sale. Over the years UpClick has developed relationships with multiple acquiring banks, enabling them to select the right acquirer to process transactions and ensure there is no loss in profitability for the merchant.

Tagstransactions, credit cards, financial institutions, decline rates, capturing sales, online purchases, acquirers, merchants