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Radiant Logic, Inc. is the leading provider of Identity and Context Virtualization solutions. Fortune 1000 corporations use the RadiantOne Platform to abstract different forms of identity and represent application contexts for identity and data integration. This key set of services enables authentication, authorization, and provisioning for identity management initiatives, context-driven applications, and cloud-based infrastructures. Radiant Logic's solutions have been used to solve tough identity and data integration problems at companies around the world. Organizations such as British Petroleum, Comcast, Wells Fargo, Disney, Defense Information Systems Agency, Federal Reserve Bank, Sony, Fifth Third Bank, Air Force, Disney, Intel, and Symantec use the RadiantOne solution to speed deployment, solve integration challenges, and cut costs for identity and context management projects. Partnerships with identity management software vendors-CA and RSA/EMC- along with professional services organizations-Accenture, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Deloitte-demonstrate the broad impact of Identity and Context Virtualization on the market.
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Radiant Logic, Inc
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